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Welcome to the world of professional career opportunities at KUKA.

Bringing intelligent automation solutions to life requires team spirit, passion, expertise, and creativity, all traits that describe the members of the KUKA team. And not just the ones at our home location in Augsburg, but each and every one at every single one of our companies worldwide. This is why we find it extremely important to find new team members who feel right at home with our philosophy and our way of doing things.

We offer young talent, new professionals, experienced professionals, and experts an exciting world of career opportunities and a highly attractive work environment. And while the first thing that comes to mind may be groundbreaking work in a high-tech sector responsible for shaping the future, we find it just as important to provide you with outstanding opportunities for development. After all, one of our main goals as a responsible employer is to make sure that all our team members have prospects both in the short and long term.

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